My Revelation… Transcendence!

My Revelation… Transcendence!

Throughout our lives we have many projects and the common point of all these projects is ourselves. We all have a purpose and it is our mission to find and develop with them.
I want to tell you that this is mine, that you are at the peak of my needs. Tell you in these honest lines that this blog responds to a revelation from God when he with tears asked for his guidance and direction.
I decide to dedicate this time to you and build this beauty platform. Recognizing “Beauty” as the ability to please the eye and the ear. As a psychological factor, intelligence, grace and sympathy. Distinguishing beauty as the beautiful personality, elegance and charm that captivate the spirit and also give attractiveness to a person.
Today I inspire you to transcend through positive thinking, because everything you find here will be positive, because that is my life purpose “Optimism and Beauty”.
Therefore, I invite you today to elevate yourself, always maintain an open attitude, ready to find the answers you are looking for, try to be in constant movement: doing, experiencing and above all living. In this way, you will build your purpose until it is as clear as day.
Decide to go beyond the apparent and conventional, beyond the ordinary and connect with your emotions. Strive to strengthen your ability to acquire experiences free of fears and personal insecurities. Dedicate yourself to moments of self-reflection with the constant desire to be a little better every day.
May your most important project be to find yourself, take care of yourself and love yourself. Then, at that moment the threads of your life purpose and mission will come together.

~Don't be afraid to Shine. You are a star in your own story~. Barbie movie.

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Gracias por ser voz de muchas y oídos de todas. Mi pregunta hoy es como encontrar la disciplina? Cómo volver una y otra vez?

Jennifer M.


Jackeline R.

Que inspirador leer estas líneas.
Dios tiene un propósito y misión maravillosa con tu vida para que a través de ella ilumine la nuestra.
Gracias por ser luz, por tantas enseñanzas que nos dejas, por ser un referente para quienes te amamos y te admiramos profundamente.

Maryu Diaz

Wow que msj tan hermoso y poderoso.


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