This is How you Clean Makeup Brushes! 🪄

This is How you Clean Makeup Brushes! 🪄

It often happens to me that people ask me, how do you take care of your face? What beautiful skin you have! 🤩 and the truth is that I also infinitely admire healthy and healthy skin. To which I answer, I do many small daily things that are already part of my habits. One of them, cleaning my makeup tools.

Have you wondered how much bacteria accumulates on our makeup brushes and knobs? infinite!

Some skin diseases can be an indication that we are not having a good cleaning treatment with our instruments. Makeup brushes for cream or liquid products such as foundation and concealer should be cleaned (maximum) every two weeks to prevent the proliferation of bacteria on the skin. At the same time, brushes for makeup such as shadows, eyebrows, blush, highlighter, that is, powder, could be used longer and cleaned when necessary (according to their appearance).

We are going to carry out three steps for this cleaning and here I will show you how to do it and what instruments to use.

Step 1. Select them!

There are natural or authentic brushes that are much more delicate and require more care and treatment. The recommendation is only to moisten the bristles (without reaching the metal) and wash them with a mild shampoo or cleanser with a neutral pH, rinse with warm water and continue with the conditioner to give a gentler and softer texture. For those that are synthetic or artificial, we could use a Silicone Cleaning Mat with anti-grease or kitchen soap, finishing with the gentle conditioner to give it a silky texture. Rinse and repeat the steps as many times as necessary until the brush hairs return to their original color.

Step 2. Dry them!

Drying your makeup brushes is essential. If they are not dried properly, they can become the ideal habitat for microorganisms such as the famous mold.

For greater effectiveness in cleaning, there are Cosmetic Cleaning Tools and Electric Makeup Brush Dryers, ranging from the simplest to the highest quality. These clean your brushes 99% for better performance when applying makeup.

Likewise, the 2-IN-1 MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANERS: perfectly clean and dry brushes in less than a minute. This will make makeup application much more enjoyable and give you a little time to have an extra cup of coffee ☕. They have included collars to accommodate brushes of all sizes, and an ergonomic electric switch for easy and intuitive operation. Parts manufactured for a perfect leak-proof fit and a hygienic, easy-to-use plastic bowl.

I guarantee that as soon as you start using the automatic makeup brush cleaner, it will quickly become your favorite risk-free purchase. Many people are stocking up on 2 or 3 of these so they can store them in various bathrooms, bedrooms and not share them with family members.

I once gave it to a boss (I didn't know what to give her because she is a person who has everything) and this piece ended up becoming her favorite, she still thanks me for it. It is an excellent and authentic birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift for the special woman you love very much.

Step 3. Purify the Mangos!

It is necessary to clean its handles without damaging the material. Pour one part micellar water and one part alcohol into a spray bottle, this way you will be preparing your own solution to sterilize. Apply a little olive oil on a cotton ball, clean the handle with it, spray the solution and remove all impurities with a dry cloth.

My MorÄleja,

Avoid applying too much force or abruptly changing the direction of the brush hairs when washing them. This way you will preserve its useful life and in a correct state, for longer.



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