🧊Importance of Cold on the Face🧊

🧊Importance of Cold on the Face🧊

Using ice on your FACE can help you get quick results to treat aging, dark circles and acne, and the best thing is that we always have it within our reach.
There are multiple reasons you can benefit from putting cold water on your face daily, including activating circulation, reducing inflammation, reducing redness and giving a luminous appearance.

In ancient times, ice, bandages, snow and very cold water were used. Nowadays and thanks to those who know the power of cold therapy (Greeks, Egyptians and Vikings), we can practice Facial Cryotherapy safely and easily, which consists of applying cold to the face and neck.

This cold-based therapy has been used for thousands of years and power specialists express that the benefits are innumerable, including:
🧊 Seal for a brighter and healthier complexion.
🧊 Restore the natural glow and elasticity of your skin.
🧊 Promotes collagen formation.
🧊 Helps stimulate nerves to exercise facial tissue.
🧊 Tightens the skin, reduces the size of pores.
🧊 Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.
🧊 Reduce puffiness in the face and eyes.

There are different tools and/or devices on the market that help us and provide extra benefits in the application of frigidity to our skin, some of them are:
Facial Ice globe is a cold globe as its name indicates that is used by massaging the skin with upward movements to lift the skin and with downward movements to stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling.

Cold beauty compresses are ice compression mask or facial cooling. Effectively promote facial blood circulation, relieve fatigue, eliminate edema and improve sleep quality. Its main ingredients are water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate.
Ice facial massager roller is a tool for skin lifting, face lifting, neck and body massage. It is anti-wrinkle and helps relieve pain. It has an ergonomic handle design, comfortable to hold and use, and is non-slip. Made with hypoallergenic plastic material.
I urge you to add this practice to your daily care routine, both morning and evening, seeking to achieve the maximum facial benefits from the cold and low temperatures. Help yourself with a device that gives you relaxation and relief (in the comfort of your home) and “ENJOY a relaxing facial cryotherapy at home.”
My MorÄleja,
The cold generates such a pleasant effect and immediately brings luminosity to your life, your face and your 🩷. Providing an appearance of firmness to the skin that we would like to stay with FOREVER.
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