Writing Gives me Peace!

Writing Gives me Peace!

There is a phrase I wrote several years ago that is still part of my writings today: “God will fulfill his perfect plans in me.”
At that time, I was facing a lot of pressures, some real, others only existed in my head.

I know that we all go through times that change our lives and even perspectives. Be it a disagreement, condition or some challenge. By then I was migrating from my native country “Colombia” to the United States. I know that we all need that breaking point where I like to say that “We are reborn.”
As God said "... stumbling blocks must come..." He Himself knew that it is inevitable that we go through difficult situations, but at the same time He showed us the way to face those situations: Trusting in His word.
Having recently arrived in this country, I began to work in housework, caring for the sick, children and the elderly for long hours, jobs that I was not used to at all. I remember incessant nights talking to God (between tiredness and questions), do you know what he did? I WROTE!!! Yes, I wrote in narrative sentences about how I wanted The Woman of my Dreams to be. And you know what? little by little I became her. 🤩 I couldn't feel more proud of her, of the "restless" Alejandra who has been born since then...

I would like to share that first sentence with you, and it says: “The Woman of my Dreams enjoys her own company” it still has the date and time, it is October 9, 2019, 4:08 a.m. I'm still making it, the last sentence is from March 14, 2023, and says: "The Woman of my Dreams has learned to be kind to herself and to allow guilty pleasures" ...hahaha how cute, yes that's me, an Ale that doesn't It is perfect (nor does it try to be) because it knows that it is constantly under construction.

My message to you today is: let God write the lines of your story, let Him describe each situation you will have to face, but above all, let Him take you in his arms so that you do not walk alone, because I am sure that He is there to take care of you.
Your story is being written and, in the end, it will be more amazing than you ever imagined, just TRUST what God himself will do.

My MorÄleja,
When God allows trials he also provides comfort.
2 Corinthians 1.4

With Love, Ale!!!

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No es nada causal que lo esté leyendo en estos momentos y escuchando la alabanza llamada yeshua 🙏Dios te ha escogido para llevarle palabra de aliento a muchas y hoy me incluyo gracias ale , nada es casualidad todo es con un propósito hoy le hablo a la mujer de mis sueños muchas bendiciones y saludos te recordamos ♥️

Kimberly Castrillon

Vine releerlo porque verdaderamente es edificante.
Gracias por compartir esta bella enseñanza de vida.


Gracias por intentar que tengamos un mundo mejor prima

María monica

Amiga tus mensajes nunca llegan tarde siempre llegan en el momento adecuado. Gracias por esas palabras tan bellas. Dios te siga inspirando y regalándote mucha sabiduría.


Pude verte sonreir en una parte del escrito y sonreí contigo


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