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Eye Contour ~ Step 4 of Your Beauty Routine

After the serum it is the turn of the eye contour.
These can also be of various types. There are nutritious and moisturizing ones, but also decongestants to combat bags and dark circles in the morning, or, for example, the classic anti-aging ones that fight to hide wrinkles and prevent new appearances. Everything based on your skin type and needs.
As we delve into the world of facial care and begin to pay more attention to our skin, there are new products that are making their way into our lives. This is the case of toner, serum or eye contour. The area around the eyes retains much thinner skin than the rest of the face and small wrinkles form easily there, which is why it needs more attention.
In addition, it is capable of revealing if we have slept little (or too much), if we suffer from stress, lack of hydration or if we have eaten or drunk excessively the night before. Therefore, it is essential to choose a correctly formulated and appropriate contour to meet these needs.
Although they are generally recommended from the age of 30, there is no specific age, as this is very variable and there are people who already look for and need to take more specific care of the eye area before.
If you have decided to join 'Team Contorno', aim for the following ingredients:
☘ Retinol is used to improve wrinkles.
☘ Hyaluronic acid will help keep the surrounding area hydrated (should be used at night).
☘ Caffeine is used to reduce bags.
☘ Tranexamic acid, to treat melanic pigmentation (brown color) and,
☘ Vitamin K manages vascular pigmentation (purple-blue color).
Apply the product with a massage that helps drain (from the inside out). Now you just have to choose the one that best suits you.
There are extra steps you can follow when you consider it. For example, to reduce sagging skin in the eye area it would be a good idea to introduce a microcurrent facial machine. This (non-invasive) facial device delays signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, helping to improve circulation. blood while promoting collagen production.

My MorÄleja,
It is ESSENTIAL to follow a personalized beauty routine adapted to the needs of your individual skin, both in the morning and at night, even cleansing your skin even if you are not wearing makeup.
Follow a healthy and balanced diet, sleep between 7 and 8 hours daily and control stress to the best of our ability.
Learn to give LOVE to yourself and you will notice the difference!
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