The Art of Noticing

The Art of Noticing

A few days ago, I was listening to a wonderful podcast that identified with me a lot... and I was reflecting on this phrase: The Art of Noticing.
Next, I went to look for the concept of these two words separately to connect and give meaning to the phrase. I found that ART has a human connotation that symbolizes the manifestation and interpretation of what is real or imagined with plastic, linguistic or sound resources. For its part, the word NOTICE reveals a concept of perceiving a sensation or becoming aware of it. Which means that the Art of Noticing is the Capacity or ability to do something by recognizing our feelings. Wow that's cool!!!
Mindfulness is an invitation to always put it into practice. It is a very healing way of seeing things, also of finding answers and gratitude in our lives.
Practice with conscious and deep breathing every time you remember, you will see the big difference it can make in your body and your thought system.
If you want to take it a step further, try drinking your cup of coffee with complete attention to what is happening in your senses at that moment. Feel the heat of the cup and how the liquid enters your mouth, identify in each sip where the bitter taste remained, feel, smell, see, let all your senses come out to play. Is it true that life can be enjoyed through these ways?
Remember that the challenge we have is to disconnect from technology to connect with ourselves and others in real life.
Let's recognize:
Everything we do, and how we do it! Everything we feel and why we feel it! Let's think about what we think!

My Morleja,
Let's make life an art or better, the ART OF NOTICE a style of LIFE.

再nd now tell me... What loving and applied interpretation would you give to the phrase in reflection?

I read you...

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El arte de NOTAR, es una forma de embellecer nuestras vidas a trav矇s de la luminosidad del sentir. Es un camino seguro hacia la gratitud, reconociendo espont獺neamente el valor permanente de las bendiciones de Dios !!!

Maravillosa reflexi籀n!!!
Te amo, hermana m穩a.

M獺ryury Diaz

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